About Us

We help unlock growth for businesses and brands through focused strategy, transformational innovation and execution excellence.

Who are we?

Coming from client-side, we are a business created out of a desire to help teams succeed in driving their company’s growth. We know what works. And what doesn’t.

Leadership. Strategy. Execution.

Why The Brand Garden?

Client experts.

We have been clients. We are experts in building brands. We understand the pressures to grow and challenges faced.


We help you solve your problem. Together. You get the outcome your business needs, not what a consultant thinks is best. We NEVER take the problem away and return with a magic solution.


We want your team to be the best they can be. We constantly seek ways to add value beyond the brief. We are successful when your team no longer needs us.

A note from our founder, Richard Nall

During a 25 year career with leading consumer goods companies in the UK and internationally in marketing, customer development and general management roles, I became aware of four key things:

  1. Most companies struggle to develop transformational growth strategies and execute them,

  2. Leaders are made, not born, yet development emphasis is focused primarily on functional skill sets,

  3. Businesses assume capability but employees can’t apply what they don’t know or haven’t experienced, and

  4. All this is having a serious impact on companies’ ability to grow.
So, in founding The Brand Garden, I set out with a humble, yet complex, goal: support Executive, Marketing and Customer (and wider business) teams to unlock their company’s growth potential via their people. We offer three inter-related disciplines:

  1. Collaborative Consultancy. Unlocking growth opportunities by working with teams to identify challenges, opportunities, priorities, and solutions. We NEVER take the problem away on our own. We ALWAYS set out to leave your teams with a stronger skill set.

  2. Coaching & Mentoring. For most, outstanding Leadership and Followership are not natural skillsets. We learn it; and demands on it become more complex as our careers develop. Outstanding execution (at whatever level) through collaborative, trusting, cross-functional teamwork depends on it.

  3. Interim & Fractional Leadership. Whether your business needs greater bandwidth or requires transformation to grow, we aim to provide full or part-time support through deep leadership and functional skill sets.

If this resonates or you’d just like to find out more, please do get in touch.  We would love to help. [1] UK Government research found that ‘deficiencies in leadership and management and skills (L&M skills) are a key constraint on business performance in the UK‘.  Published in March 2015, the deep rooted challenge remains.

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