Coaching & Mentoring

We support individuals and teams to grow - their confidence, their capability and their capacity - and transform their ability to get things done.

We know that strong leaders only succeed with strong teams yet the ‘leadership industry’ focuses almost exclusively on Leaders. We believe that developing Leaders and Followers is equally important for organisational success.

Our Philosophy

We believe Leadership and Followership can be taught. 

Intentional, thoughtful, integrous Leaders and Followers have wider and deeper impact on their organisations, transforming their people and their company. 

We coach and mentor intentional leaders and teams for success.

What we do

New Leaders

We teach the basics of leadership and provide practical tools to help them develop their leadership practice. We support their burgeoning, self-reflective journey through on-going coaching conversations to cement that knowledge and encourage self-exploration.

Experienced Leaders

We help experienced leaders deconstruct their leadership practice, identifying development opportunities to create a powerful leadership style unique to the individual. A great moment for this intervention is on appointment to a new role, helping the coachee develop the new skills they need to win, and which to dial down.


Building high performing teams is hard. We help leaders and teams understand their critical roles in the Leader/Follower dynamic and support them as they build the mutual trust necessary to form a high performance bond.


A strong culture unifies and energises your business for turbo-charged growth. We help you define your cultural DNA and support your company’s learning journey to an aligned way of thinking and working.

How we do it

Most leaders and teams need an injection of knowledge that we call the Mentoring Stage. We support its internalisation and practical application (Coaching Stage) followed by continued self-reflection and occasional coaching intervention (Reflection Stage).

Our Stance on Coaching and Mentoring

The words ‘Coaching’ and ‘Mentoring’ are often used inter-changeably. We believe there are distinct yet inter-woven differences in these confidential conversations that are best described as being on a continuum. Our perspective is summarised below:

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